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"Grant me the power to bring the world revolution! Or at least the ability to consistently brew a good cup of coffee."

My name is Cameron. It’s a simple enough way to start this bio and a good method of introduction.

I am:

  • A forty-something year old and a graduate of San Jose State with a Bachelor’s in Radio-Television. I work as a hardware technician and reside in Maryland with my wife, two cats and a Greyhound.

  • A “practical pacifist”: While I prefer peaceful solutions, I’m not going to hesitate to resort to violence when I have to. And I will use it strongly enough to discourage further attacks.

  • A former Marine with six years in the Reserves as a 1345 (Engineer Equipment Operator). This means that I was trained on how to operate construction equipment in combat as well as a support role. I transferred over to the Inactive Ready Reserve in 2004, then got my Honorable Discharge in 2006. I have now become what I fondly refer to as a “Born-Again Civilian.”

  • Something of a “liberal conservative” to use my father’s term. My more leftist leanings were stomped out of me years ago.

  • Quite straightforward and simple to understand. I don’t see myself as being mysterious or multi-layered. What you see is pretty much what you get.

  • Unapologetically: Pro-gun (Because shooting bad guys keeps them from doing bad things), pro-drug (Especially the legalization of hemp since we have been sitting on a gold mine for years), pro-capitalism (God provides, capitalism facilitates. And it does it a lot better than socialism), pro-Israel (Since they are the only truly civilized area in the Middle East), anti-Terrorist (No matter what religion they are), anti-idiocy (Especially when I'm the one acting like an idiot) and antidisestablishmentarianism (I'm against the man who is against The Man).

    If you stopped by at random on my journal and feel the need to speak out against something I have said, my rule is simple: Keep it civil. If I don't know you, then you don't get away with acting like a dickhead on my journal.

    I already volunteered.